Not So Common Desktop Environment Challeng on The Linux Saloon

This next week at the Linux Saloon, we will be exploring the Not so Common Desktop Environment an open source version of CDE, Common Desktop Environment - Wikipedia

NsCDE (Hegel3DReloaded) · GitHub

This DE is available for Fedora, openSUSE repos, and in Arch AUR AUR (en) - nscde. It may be available for other distros, I don’t know, I didn’t do the legwork on that.

If you have a spare machine or run openSUSE and Fedora that I am sure can handle multiple desktop environments, try it out and see what you think of it?

Has its time passed and it is now obsolete? Are there some clear advantages? Could use make this your main desktop environment?

Join the next Linux Saloon and/or join the Telegram or Discord discussion and use: #NSCDE

Linux Saloon Telegram Group

Linux Saloon Discord

Or, you can also leave comments and screenshots here too.

I’m pretty excited for some semi-retro Unix fun on my Linux machine!

I’ll just cut and paste from the Discord:

CDE is the open source version of CDE. NsCDE is an open source theme/shell built on FVWM designed to mimic CDE.

CDE also had a recent release.

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I should have done my research there, i was sloppy. Thanks for pointing it out!