NOOB with Ubuntu very basic question

Returning to Linux after too many years. A friend gifted me an older Dell with Ubunti 18.04 installed. Works fine. Totally stock I think, uses GNOME as desktop.

But here is a fundamental challenge: I want to install Docker and use that as a way to maintain a set of apps and associated configuration so it is simple to move everything or roll back is I make a mistake (as I will, many times).

So… I downloaded Docker. Seemed to go OK. But (super dumb question)

I don’t know where or how to find or run this program I installed.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Is there a way to be alerted when this topic has comments? Or do I just check here at the site?

Ron K Jeffries
@ronkjeffries on Twitter

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Hey Ron!

You should be able to run docker just by typing sudo docker in your terminal.

There is a button that displays under posts that reads “Normal”. You can click on this & set it to “Tracking”. See;

I hope that helps!

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