Nobara Project review

Yep, not sure why you review a distro based on default wallpapers. As others have pointed out on another thread, they are so easy to change.

Also the bug with sound he mentions, Nobara uses PipeWire just like Fedora, but he is running Nobara in a Virtual Machine and no gaming distro is designed to be run in a virtual machine. Unless he can reproduce this on bare metal, I would not count it as a bug.

Reviewing a gaming distro, without showing a game actually running?

The Arc menu looks cool though.

Needs the project link.

So the installation images are the official ISO, the Gnome ISO, and the KDE ISO.

The official ISO is a modified Gnome desktop the looks a bit more KDE’ish.

Fedora installation is still confusing as.

Almost gave up on the installation. Hope I have done the partitioning correctly or could be bad.

So I am playing around with the Nobara Project gaming distro.

Bit hit and miss so far, although I did download the official ISO which mixes up Gnome a bit.
Might get better mileage if I went with either the Gnome ISO or the KDE ISO.
Am aware this is still a work in development so do not judge it too harshly.

The first issue I had was trying to close a window using the touchpad.
Clicking on the X button with left mouse (on touchpad)
would generally open the right click menu, or very occasionally close the window.

To fix this, disable Mouse Click Emulation in the “Tweaks” settings.
By default the bottom right of the touchpad gets treated as Right Click,
but my Lenovo Legion 5 laptop seriously merges bottom right into bottom left here.

The other issue I am having is in Steam

So whatever XBox controller stuff Nobara has installed is annoying as,

Do not care what it does for an XBox controller,
But my Astro C40 controller which shows up as a Playstation Controller as it should,
has moved the A button to X, and moved the B button to A.
This is a serious dampener on all my years of muscle memory.

Does not happen on any other distro and is driving me crazy.
If I try swapping them in Steam Controller settings this will stuff up gaming on the desktop.