Noah the Gamer


I noticed that Noah, the Gamer of the team, doesn’t seem to have a highlights video like a proper gamer should. I think this is very important. I took myself to the task: Noah highlights

You’ll let me know if this is acceptable fill for the hole that previously existed in the Gaming Universe.

PD: I miss Zeb.
PPD: Is this Linux related? Gaming related? I’ll just put it to Uncategorized.


This is GREAT @kernellinux needs to know

Thanks man. I didn’t know s*** about Kdenlive (or Libry for that matter) before doing the video but I learned along the way, and it was real fun.


That was AWESOME!!! Nice work putting that together! That had to take HOURS! It made for great entertainment and enjoyment!

lol this is great! Thank you for making this! Would you mind if I use this in something? :smiley:

My honour, Mr. Tunnell. It’s yours for the using.