No thanks Spotify

Whatever happened to “just go out and listen”?
This is, at least for me, way over the line.


Agreed. This should outrage everyone.

Thanks for posting this, I’ll steer clear of Spotify.

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emotional state

See, this is what I don’t get.

Spotify has a massive user base who absolutely adore and rave about its service. Why prey on them further? They will still recommend Spotify to other users. There has to be a point of diminishing returns on this level of granularity.

If it’s a warm late spring or summer day and the sky darkens and rain falls, I probably put on Joni Mitchell’s Blue. If I’m a Spotify user, do I really need an endless AI suggestion of albums for a glum day? I’m certainly not going to cancel the service I’m using to listen to Blue. Who is this feature for?

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Maybe it’s for those places where Marijuana is legalized. You don’t need to get up off the couch, you just explain the high you’re experiencing, in a surfer accent, to your computer across the room.

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Has anyone use Deezer before? they look more tempting as spotify gets more annoying.

It is the over-mechanization of our world, even just listening to music.

Could be one day we won’t get out of bed at all if we can wish for everything to be done for us with a clap of a hand or peep from our voice. How that human being will look like physically I am not sure.