NextDNS vs. PiHole


I just became aware of the existence of NextDNS and I was wondering if anybody has used it. How does it compares to PiHole besides the fact that a PiHole is in your local network and NextDNS is in the cloud?


Interesting, I had never seen that. Seems like a VPN with a PiHole-esque product behind it. I mean from a privacy perspective, no idea. If you’re looking to have a PiHole experience everywhere, looks like you could get it for $2/mp, which is cheaper than a VPS setup with wireguard + PiHole.

I do have PiHole locally and love it though. No per-device setting (like with this) and it blocks ads/domains on my whole network, so would keep visitors from accessing content AND blocks some ads on things like Roku, which NextDNS couldn’t provide.