NEWEGG - Building a 2700X - Yeah ME TOO!

Hey Hardware Addicts!

Listening to your second podcast and heard that Wendy thought about building a 2700X system. Well just so happens that I am in the process of upgrading from the Core i7 3770K to a Ryzen 7 2700X. I have a Asus Prime X570 Mobo and installed Ubuntu Mate 19.10. I have some integration issues such as the lm_sensors and issues with new hardware as well.

Still working on the system but so far I can see definite improvements overall. Would love to come on the show and discuss. I will keep you all posted on my progress.


Why did you go for X570 with a 2700X? You need to have a Ryzen 3000 series to get the benefits it offers over X470.

NO HE DOESN’T 2nd gen CPU will work. What he has is just fine for 2nd and 3rd gen will work

How is your build coming? Did you fix everything. Which X570 do you have. The Asus Prime X570 PRO or Asus Prime X570 P

I recently built a 2700x system and was faced with the same decision about motherboards. I tend to keep a PC around for a long time so I opted for a Asus ROG STRIX X470-F motherboard. It all seems to be working well.

True Danny Boy! However my main motivation was the fact that the 2700X was less than $200. And that AMD announced the next gen Ryzen 9 4000. So I am taking a chance that it will be on the AM4 platform. Else I can fall back to a discounted 3950X in two years!!!. I got the Asus X570 Prime.

I opt’d for the Asus X570 Prime. As of now I am not likng the fact that the BIOS tweaking is not as clear as Gigabyte. As far as Linux I am rocking Ubuntu Mate 19.10 and I got the OS to install the NVidia Drivers and also recognize my cards!!!

BUT I HAD TO UPDATE my BIOS even for to recognize my CPU and graphics cards before installing the OS. There are some issues with the AMD CPU’s since most of the subsystems are for Intel such as lm_sensors and the fact that most of the AMD kernel subsystems will require version 5.4 which is comming in the Ubuntu 20.04.

But for now I am determine if I can get the overclocks for all CPU cores to 4.3GHz.

The ASUS BIOS is pretty odd. I was able to figure it out but I did have to enable several things before it picked up the correct CPU settings and memory timings. Not a very user friendly experience. Maybe it’s easier on Windows?

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Don’t scare me Eric I bought the same broad. I’m getting everything on sunday, so I’ll be putting it together. I also got thermatake RGB power supply 650w. I didn’t really want it but it was on sale and the EVGA one i wanted those want sky high in price. :smiley:

It works great once you get the settings right. I’d have to look to see what I needed to change. The up side is that there are tons of ways to tune the system if you are into that kind of thing. :+1:

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