Newbie. Ubuntu 21.10 Gnome. Nautilus file manager not working right

The Nautilus icon is on my taskbar. I’m using Gnome with the Dash To Panel plugin.

When I click on the Nautilus icon it opens a file manager window, but there’s no orange line under the icon in the taskbar. Also, the “hover over icon” function isn’t working. That means, when I hover my mouse over the Nautilus taskbar icon, the open windows don’t pop out. These problems started after I upgraded from 21.04 to 21.10. Anyway to fix this?

My other taskbar icons work fine.

I did a google search for this problem but didn’t find anything relevant.

When I use the Dolphin file manager, it works properly. But Dolphin doesn’t offer the “Other Locations” option which I often use.