New Workstation Ideas/Thoughts?

Hey there, been a fan of DLN for a while and loved the content and thought id pop in!

So at the moment im running a Threadripper 2970WX CPU/128GB 2933mhz Memory/Radeon Pro Duo GPU with Ubuntu 22.04 and looking for an upgrade due to the hardware feeling like its a little stale and outdated due to modern hardware and since we have some new Threadripper PRO / Intel Fishhawk Falls ( New HEDT Platform) coming/already avaialbe and my plans are the following;

      • 32 Core Intel / Threadripper
      • Use the same memory / maybe upgrade to a 3600Mhz kit as stronger IMC being able to handle it
      • Upgrade the GPU to something like a RX 7900XT
      • Get a few more monitors

My main use case is upscaling Video/Footage using Machine learning and at the moment it seems my CPU and memory is the main limitation due to not being able to feed the GPU as fast as i would like and seems that my IO is limited as i have a few 4x4 NVME RAID cards but the cards seem slower than usual compared to benchmarks on a modern Xeon system ive tried it on

a new GPU would be nice as i could then start using Parallel computing and expand my knowledge and use cases for ML and be able to get my education/career opportunities expanded.

anyone else got a similar build done / planned and curious to see what your guys thoughts are on a build like this and if you were in the same boat im curious what yall would do?