New Video Card

I got a new batch of hardware for my birthday, gotta love it, but got an Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card. It threw me into a tailspin, all my fav distros just locked up. Then I discovered the Nvidia Drivers web page, which told me I needed nvidia-driver-525, not availabe in any distro, except Ubuntu by PPA. Am I right in this? It’s either Ubuntu, or a derivative, or nothing!! Is there any hope for Arch? You can only got rolling with Nouveau?


Do you mean RTX 3060?

Have you dug through the forum at Nvidia for Arch and the 3060?

Additionally, all is not lost, a path forward may look like running Ubuntu for a few months until a revision is available for you on Arch.

Yes it’s an RTX… Also, with Nvidia drivers, do the they update and change, do I have to stay forever at Nvidia-drivers-525, will the 530 and higher also work?? I am a real noob with Nvidia…

You will not have to stay forever at 525. Improvements and bug-fixes happen regularly.


I run a 3060 ti on both Arch and Debian Works great! just use the propitiatory drivers. Nouveau is a nightmare so avoid it,
Oh and only use X11! Wayland is not ready for Nvidia. (really important)
here is an easy distro for Nvidia cards

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The Arch wiki says to Avoid using the Nvidia website drivers then goes on to say you can use pacman hooks to automatically compile Nvidia modules, is that how you manage that?

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Well I had some fun in vanilla Arch today, I installed it on a spare drive, used nvidia-all, and it installed drivers correctly for my linux and xanmod kernels, and I was able to game nicely. It wasn’t a few days ago, that I did the same thing with only a xanmod kernel and after using nvidia-all, the computer would not boot…

Whats the secret? God only knows…my hardware is finicky…

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I wan tot say that on Fedora 3x you can install the Nvidia Drivers from either RPMFusion or Negativo17. Installing it through Negativo17 ( which I have done since the Fedora 2x days) is by far the most problem free experience you will have. It also works with systemd-boot properly.

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Looks like I’m in the market for a nvidia gpu too. It’s not for gaming though. All of the AIs appear to be compatible with cuda graphic cards only.

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Im trying Nobara, and it’s working pretty well, I’m liking it! My Nvidia video card is working using the Nobara setup, using Garuda, my system locked up after the reboot. Don’t like Gnome too well. HTOP says memory usage is 1.5gb… Might have to install a different WM…

Normally there’s a KDE spin for Nobara, I have not tried it however

I have a laptop with a RTX2070 and Nobara has been great. If you prefer Arch Endeavour was a breeze on my machine (I installed the Budgie desktop)

I get it from the AUR after the install. or just use archinstall script and pick it.

Just an update, my problems with the video card all went away, I had a flaky SSD. I switched it out, and it’s running fine, no more locking up! I’m running Arch, and it updates like normal, xanmod kernel and all…threw me for a loop though…