New Recording setup, Looking for tips

Here is a pic of my Hardware :

  • M-Audio M-TrackDUO (PCM 2900C Audio Codec)
  • Rode Dynamic PodMic

I’m looking to start recording, but this is really the first time I’ve done so on Linux. I’m on Fedora 34. I have Audacity & Ardour but don’t expect to use Ardour for some time as I get use to the set up. Does anyone with current experience with recording audio on Linux have any tips and things to look out for during my set up? Being on Fedora 34, It’s pipewire by default, but I don’t see that in any of the settings in Audacity.

Any help/info is appreciated.

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I don’t think you’ll have any issues with the hardware. As long as your interface is USB class compliant it should be plug and play.

I’ve installed Fedora on a secondary machine just for playing with Pipewire but havent had a chance to mess with it. I believe you’ll be interfacing with pipewire through, essentially, pulseaudio and jack compatability layers so you won’t see pipewire in your software yet.

I’ve done some audio recording in the past, and i can recommend Ardour as your DAW. Looking at your further hard/software, i don’t see any problems.

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You’ll want to look at Carla which is an audio plugin host. It takes a little getting used to but will help you modify your audio in realtime.

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