New privage message app Olvid


A friend convinced me to try out a new messaging app and I thought it might interest people here.
Name’s Olvid (forget in Spanish). They claim they don’t store anything and the set up does not require a phone number or an e-mail.

I’m not advocating it’s better or anything, I just installed it, found it interesting and thought it was worth sharing. Anyone has already tried this ?

Looks good, but it’s not open source

And only Android and iOS apps as far as I can see.


I’m not familiar with it but here is an excellent rubric to consider all of the elements for the service and compare them to what’s already in the field.

It gets boring when every month a new messaging app pops up and you are back at zero, e.g. the promise to opensource it etc etc. Here we are again at fragmentation.

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Yep, we tried the browser app but it wasn’t working (still beta)

My hope is in Matrix clients for longer-term.

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