New Logitech Gaming device

So I think Logitech is trying to compete against two superior products, in the Switch and the SteamDeck.

But the real question is, Does it run Linux?

Would make a great emulated games player.

I’m sure It would be a prefect platform to run emulators. Android is great for that type of thing. Game steaming though? Na… to heck with that LOL. I’m not a fan of game streaming services at all. For a few more bucks you can get a Steam Deck

If it’s just an Android device with an Android device with game streaming attached, I’d rather invest a little more and get the SteamDeck as that also includes a Deskop PC if you need one.


And another one. So the reality is that no one can compete against the SteamDeck, and get the same quality gaming system at SteamDecks price point. So if you cannot compete then go the cheaper option. But starting to wonder what the point is, when you can just buy a SteamDeck.

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Right?! I don’t want a StreamDeck! I’d rather get a Switch.

Well that didn’t last long. Sucks to be anyone who thought Google would actially put much effort into this.

You now have one less game service to stream.

So true! Valve could even sell the Deck at a loss, they’ll just make it back in game venue.