New AV Linux MX release

AVL-MXE 21.2.1 + MXDE-EFL 21.2.2 Released!

“When AVL-MXE 21 came out I wanted to trim the resource consumption of XFCE4 and also put together something a little less ‘garden-variety’ because one of the things I loved about Linux when I got onboard many years ago was how it was ‘alternative’, a different way to do the same things… I thought a Distro catering to artists should be different than your basic Office box and have some art within itself. Well it seems I was dead wrong on that one! For the most part the reviews and the User comments have not been terribly positive about Openbox, most people like how the system works, they just don’t want to look at it…lol. We have entered a time where computers have become powerful enough and RAM and storage has become plentiful and cheap enough that resource consumption is much farther down the list of concerns than it ever was.”

“AVL-MXE is my main project and 90% of my spare time and focus go into it. It is the most complete, has been developed since 2008, it’s well documented and has the best prospects for support.”

“MXDE-EFL… is designed for Artists and Content Creators as well but it is off the beaten path with the quirky but beguiling Enlightenment Desktop Environment, it is new, not documented, will never see the same level of support as AVL-MXE and is most definitely not going to be a good choice for people that are new to Linux.“