New Arch Install

For those like me who like to do Arch the easy way.

Actually, my main headache with the official way of installing Arch was always connecting to internet over WiFi (RealTek) and maintaining my WiFi settings for automatic WiFi on the new system.

If Arch Installer handles the Wifi side of things then all happy… :slight_smile:

“Archinstall 2.5.1 adds an explicit –offline option to disable various Internet-required checks, improves Btrfs sub-volume definitions”

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Linux since the days of Vista… Arch as my daily for 4 years now. I must say they really nailed it with the new installer! I don’t mind saving time!

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Still dual booting windows 10 here, mainly games, and keeping other members of the family happy.

But Windows 11 looks ugly, despite people suggesting that Windows 11 will be a forever upgrade.
They said the same about Windows 10. So Windows on limited time…

Windows as advertised

Buy your license for Windows and You own your OS

Windows in reality

Lease your copy of Windows for two or five years / or until we decide to kick you out

Worse then renting a house…

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