Need to set external monitor on Fedora 34 KDE

Can’t find option to set external monitor as primary on Fedora 24 KDE…

Btw, if Fedora person reads this post, had to install about 1G of updates after downloading latest .iso

first of all, welcome back to the forum @daniboi! :smiley: :+1:

there is a checkbox option in the System Settings → Display and Monitor. You click the monitor from the visual layout and then there is a checkbox option below for Primary.

However, with that said, Fedora 34+ has Wayland by default and last time I tried the Wayland session the Primary checkbox was just there to check for any monitor. I switched back to X and it showed up again. I dont know if that is still an issue in Plasma 5.22 but it might be so check to see if you are running Wayland and if so try switching to Xorg by logging out and choosing the non-Wayland session from there. hopefuly this will be addressed soon . . . though honestly, I dont remember if I reported this bug or not. so maybe an oops.

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Might want to try the re-spins if you didn’t use them.

Hi Michael,

Yes, it has been a while… in between manual labor, testing latest KDE iterations, crisis with still using Windows and other things…

Switching to X11 did the trick! Thank you! :smiley:

Hope to be back soon!

Well, back to the lawn mower!

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Not sure about this, but did download the latest KDE re-spin as per your suggestion and going on a third reboot now to upgrade from about 500gs of “stuff”.

Twice now, still same amount of upgrades to install… a mystery!

If the updates are the same you may be booting into the LIVE iso environment and not your installation.

Make sure you installed the distro and removed the memory stick/CD with the LIVE iso on it.

Yes, hard install.
Picking up from AverageLinuxUser - did this command
sudo pkcon refresh && sudo pkcon update
and all seems well thus far.

Btw, the new pipeline (pipewire that is) audio seems to make quite a difference!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After all the updates and everything is nice and finally settled…

Primary monitor works just fine, even if it isn’t selected as such!
If the other is chosen, then the opposite happens.
A mystery! :face_with_monocle:

May your left ignore what your right is doing?