Need Community Help for Project, Flatpak User Inquiry, Software compatability

I need feedback for a project i am undertaking.

Flatpak users, Which package do you currently run in Flatpaks that do not function properly. for example :

A KeePassXC flatpak cannot talk to a Browser Flatpak (Firefox, Chromium etc.)
Blender Flatpak cannot talk to Krita Flatpak

I need the communitites help to identify these pain points with flatpaks. My project revolves around Portals and Flatpak usage. Flatpaks cannot spawn applications because of it’s nature without work a around, but Portals offers a potential solution here. List your software below. I have listed 4.


I tried Abiword as flatpak and it does not work with the spell checkers installed on the system. The version from the repo does, Debian here. That makes the flatpak version useless. Maybe there is a workaround.

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I’m going to install it, see what I can gather.

Thank you so much, I need more info like this. Hope there are others who can report.