Need a cheapCamera/microphone USB

Must work with Ubuntu. out of the box. Nothing fancy. Cheap. Suggestions?
Camera only OK. I’ll use a headset. for an old desktop

Are you talking about a webcam?

Every every Logitech and built in camera in laptops I have had always functioned in Linux. I have yet to have one which did not.

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Yes. a webcam. I need it for my desktop which is about 10 yrs old.
UM20.04.2LTS Kernel Linux 5.4.0-77-generic x86_64

Thanks. I’ll see what I can find in the Logitech brand

The other option is just your phone. I use my Android phone connected over USB on a little stand. There’s an app for the phone and an open source program for the desktop and it works like a charm. I already had everything necessary so it was my favorite option

This is what I use, has worked on all distros. Currently on Fedora 34

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Thanks - Did you need to install a driver?

I don’t recall ever having to install a driver.

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thanks. I ordered one.