My adventure with Fedora 38, Btrfs and the Btrfs-assistant app

I’ve been wanting to play with Btrfs so I installed Fedora 38 into a Virtualbox VM (host is Ubuntu 22.04). Then I installed Timeshift. But wait! I then discovered that Timeshift doesn’t work on Fedora unless you process a bunch of complicated CLI commands to get it working.

So then I looked into using Snapper. But wait! Snapper also does not work on Fedora unless you process a bunch of complicated CLI commands.

Then I looked at the Btrfs CLI tool. It wasn’t too bad but I’m a tech newbie and it was a little above my head and would take a while to learn.

Then I went on the forums and someone suggested Btrfs-assistant which is (I think) a GUI wrapper over Snapper. I easily installed it from the Software app and it works! Yay! The Btrfs-assistant app is slightly clunky but it works and is a pure GUI solution to creating and restoring Btrfs snapshots. I tested it by creating and restoring some snapshots and it works as advertised. Nice.

So that’s my adventure with Fedora and Btrfs. The End. :slightly_smiling_face:

Epilog: I heard that Timeshift works seamlessly on the Nobara distro. I may try that when I get some time.

Let me know if I missed any other GUI solutions that can do this. :slightly_smiling_face: