Ms Programming Rant

Hey Guys, There is some thing I need to get off my chest and maybe get some feedback on.

I’ve been software engineer for over 25 years using various MS platforms to do this work. These have all used various versions of visual studio to create either windows executables or IIS websites. The arrival of .net was a big step forward and programming became quite an easy task. Write code test locally and ship the executables.

The Azure happened. It has some great stuff, VMs and development pipelines integrated with GIT to manage and deeply source code is fantastic. However I just can’t get my head around how to configure pipelines or how to work with Azure storage or Azure functions. The code seems to just be and doesn’t exist anywhere beyond the cloud to be frank I feel like a relic, maybe like a blacksmith seeing my work being superseded by factory production. I am finding code so complex now I can barely follow it, Code used to flow out of me like speech but now its so hard it hurts.

I have never written anything for Linux in my life, but if I did would I find much of the same, with build pipelines and cloud or is it more old school like compiling to files / packages? What’s the process or getting code into a repo? Would I be able to make a living earning, a salary writing open source software?

So are any of you developers? What’s it like? Please post below about your development experience an experiences.

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I ran into this issue lately when attempting to pick a “lightweight” CMS for a Website project. I quickly realized the term is solely used to describe the GUI, not the underlying code which in EVERY case was a gargantuan tower of Babel stacked on 100s layers of random projects who’s state of maintenance is a total mystery.

I think we’re in a situation where most software is regarded as feast-or-famine. You make something amazing as quickly as possible, then you either sell it, kill it or it makes so much money it offsets the technical debt and the reputational damage of breaches. There’s so little pressure for security and sustainability that fanciness is an apex predator that rules the roost.

It’s why i’ve been pivoting toward the sysadmin space, when you get down to the root of what all these apps depend on a lot of that abstraction goes away and you’re not relearning everything every 5yrs. You’re also rewarded for keeping things simple and doing a good job.

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My first job was a Unix admin, I was terrible at it. Maybe things have changed and it’s worth a second look. Got me thinking outside the box now, thanks

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