I have used VLC for many many years now and I have used MPV recently and was wanting to get others opinions on which they prefer and why. Thank you in advance.

Between the two, VLC b/c it always seems to work and has so many uses. But since I do so much work from the command line (cli), I generally use ffplay:

ffplay -i my-video.mkv

and so easy to jump into the timeline with:

ffplay -ss 607 -i my-video.mkv

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I came from VLC but moving between distros it never had that linux-first feel to it. This was several years ago but I remember there was always some quirk or hurdle to get over.

Now I only use mpv but for a long time I used smplayer which is a front-end for mpv I highly reocmmend. It’s got the same kind of bells and whistles VLC has but with that first class linux-first experience.


I use both. Mpv for streaming from Youtube e.g. and VLC for the videos I have on my laptop. I like both.