Mozilla's parental recommendations: privacy, mental health, bullying, public wifi and passwords


This is a bit disingenuous… because in the end it is about getting someone to pay for Mozilla VPN and use their browsers.

They don’t mention Mozilla VPN is actually Mullvad or that anyone using Firefox will be sending their search results to Google by default unless they make some changes. All I’m saying is that there is more to this technology than simply agreeing with what Firefox wrote out and signing it, not to mention more to parenting. :heart:

I mean, it’s a company. They’re going to sell their products. Doesn’t make them wrong, does it? Points 2 and 3 literally don’t have anything to do with Mozilla. In any case, it does a great job of explaining these topics, including showing you how to install adblockers. In fact, the whole pdf it ends with is actually a really good way to have a conversation about it and keep online activities transparent and not a ‘taboo’ subject. It’s a not a contract between you and Firefox, but a really useful template to help have the conversation. It even does a great job of highlighting the pros and cons of private browsing tab.

@Ulfnic thanks for sharing, this is really great.