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DLN Guys, love the podcasts, fun and informative. Always the best security advice around. Any insight into Mozilla’s new VPN service?



They released multiple version on opening day except for Linux support which seemed strange to me. I already use Mullvad which is what the servers are based on so it’s basically the same thing with wireguard. I’ll just stick with Mullvad for now.

Mozilla VPN is a wrapper for Mullvad VPN.

Mozilla VPN review | TechRadar

There may be some separation of identity advantage if Mozilla holds your personal info instead of Mullvad (I can only guess if that’s the case) but the choice would probably be which software between the two works best for you.

More info:

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Amazing comparison site (incl. Mullvad):
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DLN Community run downs:


Is this like a known practice in VPNs? to use others to build up there own servers?

Purism’s thingy uses PIA as the backbone for their Librem VPN.

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Brave Browser partnered with Guardian for their Firewall + VPN offering.

Brave Firewall + VPN | Brave Browser

Firefox Monitor is also basically an email alert wrapper for