Movie: The Circle - 2017

When it comes to movies, I tend to watch something from the top 500 of all time list – or go straight to the good stuff like The Godfather or No Country for Old Men – so when I saw The Circle had like one of the lowest ratings of any movie I’d ever watched, I was ready to skip over it. But it showed up in my collection of Tom Hanks movies and my wife was game to watch it with me. I’m mean Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway, and Captain Phillips almost dictate that I should at least give it a go. right?

Man! What a creepy movie. The plot’s not that great. The acting is disjointed at times. But if you want to expose someone to the horrors of Big Tech – especially those who say, in regard to security and privacy, “I have nothing to hide,” get them to sit through this movie with you.


I’ve only seen it once and a long time ago but I thought it was fascinating. In a creepy scary way. I think because it so feasible this could actually be our real world without too much imagination.


Yes. That this movie falls into the realm of feasibility in 2017, gets even creepier in the year 2022.

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