More solutions, less frameworks

Dear @JasonEvangelho, I really liked your Episode 7: The elementary OS Interview. I felt great appreciation that Daniel Fore not only lead Elementary OS to where it is today, but he (and his team) also made it easier for developers to develop for Elementary. As in, there is a comprehensive vision to it all. Perhaps I do not agree with each and every little thing in that vision, but so what; a few eggs will inevitably need breaking to make an omlette. And I really appreciate the omlette.

I think there needs to be more of this in the Linux world: where well-informed “opinionatedness” rises above a confusing sea of competing frameworks, none of which really constitutes much of a comprehensive solution all on its own.

Yes, the Unix philosophy would have us make everything modular, and all parts that interconnect with each other “do one thing, and do it well”. That philosophy works extremely well on the text-based command line, which I really, really appreciate. But sometimes the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Sometimes you need someone like Daniel Fore, or even Lennart Poettering (of systemd) to come along and take things to the next level, and do new, useful things you couldn’t do before.

I appreciate ElementaryOS, and systemd (especially with the recent news about systemd-homed, which will finally move beyond the ancient and arcane PAM and /etc/passwd, and possibly bring a portable LUKS encryption to home folders), and any solution which rises above the disease of “framework-itis”, which is what results when the Unix philosophy is taken too far. Yes, there is such a thing as taking the Unix Philosophy too far, and I think that’s one of the things which is holding Linux back, such that it can’t rise above it’s 2ish% Desktop market share.

Is there some “solution” that you’d like to express appreciation for, which rose up out of a sea of competing “frameworks”, in the open source world?

PS: This is not the “systemd non-appreciation” thread. Please create that thread separately, if you have strong views about that.

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