Modernizing Xfce for 2020 (Customize and Beautify Guide for Xfce)

In this video we take a look at modernization options for the Xfce desktop. Xfce is known for it’s stability and ease of customization, however, sometimes people don’t feel it looks very modern out of the box. In this video I take you through the steps I take to customize Xfce.


Ah wonderful XFCE.

Numix theme and icons is an absolute must for me to make it dark and leet looking.

Anyone else have their Guake bound to something like Alt-` to be similar to the Quake console key?

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Another great useful video!!! Thank you for all the efforts for the community, and please keep up the great work!


Ahhh, “modernizing” = “Tarting Up”… got it. Xfce really just needs to “prettify” it’s defaults (mostly the crappy default wallpapers). After that, mostly it’s just personalising the panels (and docks, if you like those things, I don’t, I hate 'em).

Some may not know about Xfce-Look and how to get themes, icons and wallpapers and how to install them to add “Eyecandy” for the Xfce desktop. I’m sure there are other places to get such stuff… anyone got some suggestions?

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Gnome Look should also be working with Xfce.

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Is there a more general GTK-Look site? If not maybe there should be.

Both of the “-look” sites for Xfce and GNOME share the same resources, so it is basically a GTK generic site because they share the same stuff in regards to GTK themes. If you aren’t aware, all of the look sites are linked together in like a network of sites sort of.

GTK Themes are the same on these sites:


Ah, confusing, but good to know. My machines are all themed up the way I like 'em now, but info may stop some people wasting time searching both.

A Webring! :smiley:

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This is my longest Linux install, ArcoLinuxB-Xfce. I think the version 18.12.7 means it started as Erik DuBois’s December 2018 iso. Yes, my #1 distro is MX since MX-17 but I have reinstalled through MX-18 to MX-19. The Arco install has just been updated and updated since I installed it.

Of the Arch based distro I think ArcoLinux/ArcoLinuxB would be my chosen one, EndeavourOS is excellent, and if I’d tried that first maybe they would swap places.

As you can see, I keep my themeing pretty low key, nothing distracting as wallpaper, fairly conventional (boring) in the way of a panel (but things are where I want them). I don’t like transparency on terminal or file manager windows so I turn that off. It works for me, it’s like me, simple.