Microsoft: "we were on the wrong side of history on Open Source"

Dear Microsoft (and especially president of MS, Brad Smith),

Wow, you admitted that you were wrong! :astonished:

That was really big of you to admit that! You deserve kudos for that, even though I might not like a rather large pile of other past decisions you’ve made.

Thank you Microsoft! Rare is the day I praise you. Today is just such a day. Are you still out there, @christopher_scott?


Growing up in the Ballmer era this modern incarnation of Microsoft is quite an about-face for me. Good on the new guard for acknowledging their predecessors’ mistakes and doing what they can to right the ship.

I am still out here. :slight_smile: Didn’t get notified of the mention (probably my fault) and just hadn’t been on the forum in a bit, but I’m still kicking. Certainly was good to see this and hopefully it helps.