Microsoft Surface Go Tablet - Perfected With Endeavour Linux

New video where I make a Microsoft Surface Go tablet actually awesome.


A great fun video Ryan… Will definitely review should I ever decide to get a Surface!

I just got Manjaro installed on my Surface Pro 4 with the custom kernel from Jakeday. Most of it works perfectly except:

DPI/scaling in a few apps like Spotify (edit: scratch this - I fixed it with a scaling option)
Resuming from suspend/hibernate seems to lose connection to type cover and wifi - requires a reboot.

Did you have any issues like this?

Thanks, Ryan, really enjoyed this video. I think tablet/convertibles in the style of Microsoft Surface are a very practical idea. I bought an Asus Transformer couple of years ago, came with Windows 10 which then wouldn’t update without connecting an external drive :confused: At the time websearching suggested it wasn’t compatible with Linux but having seen this video and knowing that many kernel updates have occurred in the intervening years, I’m inspired to try when I have some spare time :slight_smile: