Mesh network and Pop_OS 19.10

Having a BroadCom BCM4352 802.11ac wifi adapter which runs fine on a “normal” 5Ghz wifi network (throughput +200mbps).
But when I change to a new Mesh network - my pain startes…
Now the adapter runs very bad, I keeps at 2.4 Ghz and the throughput is really bad → useless.!
Any idea why this happens?
Thanks //T

What brand of mesh network?

There’s a lot of variables that could cause this. 2.4GHz is subject to more types of interference from other devices. If your WiFi routers allows, check what channel it is using and try other channels to see if that improves your performance. Also, some WiFi routers are multi-channel, meaning that they can broadcast via two different SIDs. My WiFi router has 3 channels. I broadcast one on 5Ghz, and two on 2.4GHz, as per my needs.

If you don’t have this level of control on your WiFi router, consider running an open-source Linux-based firmware like DD-WRT or openWRT. Both projects provide a list of compatible routers.

I hope this helps.

It’s an AirTies, model 4930

I’m not sure if it is the router. Thinks it’s more likely the WiFi driver while I don’t have any issues when accessing the mono-band ap.

Can you confirm that you are using the latest driver? Also, check to see if there is a firmware update as well. If you are using the latest drivers, try back-revving to the 2nd latest driver. Of course, read the release notes to make sure there are no security issues with the older driver.

Hi again
Yes, it’s driverversion= which should be the newest. Also verified at wl - Debian Wiki
My NIC is an ASUS PCE-AC56, regrading is also should be the newest firmware.
Btw I booted into win10 to see if I got the same issue - and it’s the same here.
It also choose 2.4ghz even it nicely tells that it’s a dual band nic
It’s like the option for choosing i.e. “fixed” band in 5 ghz is none existing.

I did a quick google search for that NIC and found lot’s of issues. I would suggest trying a different NIC or is this in a laptop?

It’s a PCI NIC.
Did file an bug report now - thanks for the guiding.

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In that case, I’d do some research for a replacement. PCI NIC’s are not very expensive.