Marktext - Markdown Editor

I’ve just discovered an application called Marktext. It is a markdwn text editor similar to Typora. I’ve only used it for half an hour or so but i really love it.

I’m a Joplin user for my note taking, and love that application also, however my only gripe is that it has the split pane format when writing in markdown. I know you can just write in markdown but i like to see it converting on the page, so i’ve recently started looking into using an external editor (another thing i love about Joplin that it allows this!).

Unfortunately i couldn’t install Typora at work as the website was blocked (Joplin website was as well actually, but i managed to circumvent by going to github and downloading it from there). Then someone mentioned Marktext to me so i gave it a try and it’s exactly what i was looking for.

So just posting here as a bit of awareness i guess. I think Typora isn’t open source is it? But this Marktext does appear to be so could be a good alternative for people who like the Typora experience.


Thank you for this. I’m a markdown newbie and strangely finding it appears not very strongly supported on standard debian repos, so looking at flatpaks, and there are so many! This seems handy because it’s cross-platform too, for when I (rarely) need Windows.

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