Manjaro Cinnamon Switches Default Browser To Vivaldi

This is an interesting bit of news. It makes me a little sad to see another place where a chrome based browser is the default. Not really knocking Vivaldi, it’s solid browser and all, but still more chrome, and their closed source nature isn’t what I’d prefer to see.


Just noticed that Ryans avatar on frontpagelinux is actually Michael.

Body snatchers are here?

Just a friendly reminder that Chromium and the V8 JavaScript engine are both Free, Libre, and Open Source Software projects released under the GPL compatible 3-clause BSD license— a lax, permissive non-copyleft free software license.

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I worded that badly, not chrome, Vivaldi’s closed source pieces

I think the greatest problem with closed source is the comparative ease at which malware can be included knowingly or unknowingly by anyone with access.

Terrible news on the contrary. Anything Chromium-based increases the power Google has over the web and going back to the days of developers targeting only one browser like it was with Internet Exploder in the 90s. Once the main browsers out there are Chromium based, nothing is stopping Google from in changing standard, developing their own versions of it and shutting any other browser engine out.

I think the OP meant it sarcastically about it being ‘interesting’ :smirk:

This actually the bad news, developers targeting a single browser engine at all!
This is something that a serious web developer should avoid at all times, because who knows how long the Blink engine will be the dominant engine? That’s why the developers should adhere to the standards and should kick & shout at the browser devs if it doesn’t work as expected!