Manjaro ARM & Pinebook Pro Match Made In Tech Heaven

Latest video showing Manjaro ARM on the Pinebook Pro. What’s not to love.


Thanks for the review.

To answer a few question, people probably have:

We do not plan on including snapd by default. We have not tested how well snaps work on this platform yet and we believe that users should have a choice to install the services the user wants. (Remember how upset the community was when Manjaro x64 enabled them by default?)

cpupower-gui could possible be added in the future, but we have had mixed results while using cpupower in general. Again a reason why it’s not installed by default. :slight_smile:

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities.


We just released 20.02 of Manjaro ARM, where we enable some hardware acceleration stuff by default on the Pinebook Pro (at least on plasma).

Also has a couple of other changes, which can be read in our forum:

PS: Sorry for bumping this thread.


From your release notes:

  • Updated uboot on Rock Pi 4, RockPro64 and Pinebook Pro, so it should no longer freeze on heavy I/O.

…that’s a big deal! Much appreciated!

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I liked the Manjaro experience so much that I ordered another pinebook. PINEBOOK is awesome! Thank you.

Hi @Strit, I also asked @dasgeek but perhaps you may know the answer. I recently installed Manjaro 20 onto my PINEBOOK but Netflix is not working in Firefox. I installed mpv and VLC along side Manjaro but I still cannot get it to work. Would you happen to know how I could fix this?

Also, I am still scared of Arch, would you happen to know how I could get the Manjaro Xfce theme onto my Fedora 31 Xfce?

PINEBOOK is Awesome:)

It it probably never will.
Netflix (and other DRM content) requires the Widevine plugin from Google. But google only releases armv7h versions of this plugin for ARM, and Manjaro ARM is an aarch64 only system.
The reason it works on the Debian install, is that Debian is an aarch64 kernel, but using armv7h userland. We don’t. We are all 64-bit.

PS: 20.04 just released recently. :slight_smile:

@Strit, thank you very much! I will have to do some more research as to the versions. But aside from Firefox, is there any way to get these services to work? Not show stopper at all for me but would be nice:)

Not on Manjaro.

But it should work in Chromium and Chromium based browsers on armv7h though. As long as you can get a hold on the Widevine plugin from ChromeOS.

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I haven’t figured out that bit . Sadly I’m looking into it. To getting it working since it is my primary laptop now the PineBook Pro is .

Given that my next laptop is very likely to be a Pinebook Pro and given that as far as I know Manjaro’s currently the flagship OS for it, I’m thinking I’ll have another go at getting my head around Manjaro in a VM, in preparation. As I’m a long-term user of Debian Stable, I’m aware that it can have problems on latest hardware so am looking at alternatives. Manjaro and Fedora are top candidates.