Manjaro alternative Arch based OS

I read about some operating system called Tromjaro based on Manjaro and some sort of a political statement behind it in regards to trade I assume, is the Manjaro team part of it?

Is anyone aware where I can find more information on it? I am scientist and I try to avoid politics, hence if Manjaro is behind it I would like to be aware and find another Linux that has no political statements?
EndeavourOS was suggested as a good alternative it is a successor of Antergos, both based on Arch.


I just discovered this weird distro today, but from what I’ve found so far it’s not in any way affiliated to Manjaro.

thanks good to know. trying to avoid politics at all cost last thing I need is political linux distro.

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Manjaro team is not connected to that OS, at least according to the people at manjaro. no worries.
You like Manjaro and your new KDE enjoy it and DLN Ariel, have a good weekend ahead.

friendly advice: TRAMJARO AVOID at all cost, crazy political idea nothing smart to see.

Regards, Alex

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thanks Ari :slight_smile:



Arcolinux is a very good option.


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Raitsa thank you I will look at it.
All the best and goodbye to all Lexie.

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The answer to your question is on their webpage that you linked to. Click on “About” and they explain quite clearly their position. It’s hardly political in the usual sense. They just believe in freedom, surely a typical Linux-supporter position. It’s a very interesting distro. Check it out. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

yes ! Arco is pretty good! or you could just follow this and install the real deal.
It’s not really that hard anymore!