Managing window positions like I did on macOS with BetterSnapTool

On macOS there is a tool called BetterSnapTool that lets you create regions on a display that you can snap windows to… does anyone know of something similar for Linux? For example, with it I could create a square area on my display that if I drug a window over that area it would snap it to a predefined location on the screen - not necessarily a corner or edge.

In a case it helps, I’m using Fedora 35 with Gnome. Also, I’m specifically looking for something that helps when windows are in a floating mode. I’m not looking for another tiling extension or tiling window manager.


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I had a read of the description of BetterSnapTool. Since you are running Gnome, the closest solution I can recommend is Pop Shell. Aside from that, I can’t find a solution that matches exactly what you want (I know you said you didn’t want a tiling extension).

In Floating Mode, Pop Shell has the Display Grid and Snap-to-grid options that may help.

You can also provide a feature request directly to the Gnome Project on GitLab and you never know, they may incorporate features of BetterSnapTool in a future release.

I know of some that emulate TWMs but not arbitrary snap locations.

I created a BASH script daemon called fractious that both moves and resizes windows in accordance to arbitrary user defined zones which could be used for just snapping with some adjustment. It’ll put the active window in the “zone” the mouse is hovering over or the window can follow the mouse as it moves through different zones by holding down the shortcut key.

Everything is defined by a config file though it’s not the easiest to configure. If no one has a better option I might be able to solve your issue.

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