M2 Max performance and possible Asahi performance

This is where the Asahi project really starts looking interesting. If it can get close to the performance / battery life on Apple hardware that Apple does. But that does open up a conversation about how open Graphics Drivers for the M2 Pro will be vs NVIDIA which I am not going to touch.

Quote from The Verge…

“But the most drastic improvement is also the one that’s likely least relevant to the average Mac user: gaming. The M2 Max put up 103fps on Shadow of the Tomb Raider ’s highest settings at 1920 x 1200 resolution, a whole 66 percent improvement over the M2 Pro. That’s a very visible difference — the sort of difference that gamers spend extra money on high-resolution screens in order to see.”

"I think — put the pitchforks away, I know these are totally different things and there are all sorts of problems with this comparison — that the simplest way to think of the MacBook Pro with M2 Max is as the addition of an RTX 3070 GPU. It’s not quite providing the frame rates that we’ve seen from the biggest RTX 3070 computers out there (MSI’s GS76gave us 114fps, for example) but it’s not too far off, and it’s well above what we’d expect to see from an RTX 3060 gaming machine. The M2 Pro Mac Mini, which only put up 62fps on Tomb Raider, is closer to RTX 3050 territory.

Now, the MacBook Pro 16 with M2 Max is not a gaming laptop. It’s a Mac. If you want a gaming laptop, you can get actual RTX 3070 gaming laptops for over a thousand dollars less. I’m merely proposing this as a thought experiment for those debating between the M2 Pro and M2 Max. The M2 Pro, like the RTX 3050, can handle the occasional game, has no trouble with Premiere, and is fine for most people. Folks who are buying a laptop primarily to do a graphically intensive task will have a more fun time on the M2 Max."