Lyrics for a FOSS/Linux version of "Kumbayah"?

OK, something entirely non-serious here.

Imagine it. You are at a LinuxFest, and it’s midnight. All the kids have been put to bed. It’s just the adults hanging out, sitting in a circle. If the Linuxfest has taken place in a country like Canada, or states like Washington, Oregon, or California, perhaps a 100%-legal doobie just got passed around.

One of the more hippie sort of Fest participants pulls out an acoustic guitar, and begins to strum the tune of “Kumbayah”. Your spirit cries out to sing along with utmost sincerity.

But what are the lyrics to sing together, which are lighthearted and more Linux/FOSS specific? Throughout history, the lyrics of Kumbayah have changed a few times, and I think perhaps it’s OK to change them again, to be sing at the midnight hour of a LinuxFest.

Are there any musically-inclined forum members? Can you contribute a (copyright-free, creative-commons) line, stanza, or whole song?

The licensing on the lyrics would be an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.