Lubuntu Ubuntu Unity & Arch VMs not showing login manager (SDDM & LightDM respectively), and can’t login (using Virt-manager)

This seems to be the error on Lubuntu VM:

Apr 03 18:50:56 Lubuntu-KVM sddm[802]: Could not start Display server on vt 1
Apr 03 18:50:56 Lubuntu-KVM sddm[802]: Failed to read display number from pipe

Not sure what’s going on. I tried to boot a live disk, and update (as I can’t even use TTY). While that process worked, it didn’t resolve the issue.

This one’s on Ubuntu Unity VM:

And unlike Lubuntu, I can use TTY.

Edit 2: Neon Unstable VM seems to be working fine so far.

Just installed Deepin Desktop on Arch, and here’s what happened:

Got the Ubuntu Unity & Lubuntu VMs booted by changing from QXL to VirtIO.

Will try Arch later.