Love the Site and Simple Suggestion (new user experience)

Hey DLN Community,

Sorry if being a noob here means I am writing this first post improperly.

I just wanted to share what I have experienced thus far. First, providing dark mode - you guys are my newest BFFs.

The only suggestion I really have is that the automated email sent by the Bot is great but is there a way to make the links open a new tab rather than transfer the user out of their present using window? It is just a picky-appeal and not really necessary.

You guys are great, I love the shows, and I am trying to spread around the shows you offer to as many as I can :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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For dark mode go to your user settings, click on the orange “Preferences” button, then click on “Interface” in the side bar. At the top you’ll see a Dark Mode option.

Or you can also use this URL: (I put your username in it to make it go to the right place)

I’m not sure if this’ll be changed but a trick you can use is hold down CTRL and click the link to have it open in a new tab.

Very glad to have you gargarr :slight_smile:

Hey there Ulfnic,

Sorry, I believe that I wrote my suggestions in a bit of a confusing manner and I hope to clear that up so that I sound less forward and rude, which I believe that is how I came off - and I really wasn’t intending to do so (text… so much tougher when there is no eye contact and body language :P)

Thanks for the very helpful walk through. My mention of Dark Mode, though, was me thanking the site admins. I found it was an option shortly after starting my account and I was so happy they offered it via the service they are hosting through. Dark Mode is such a great option and to have it as a standard use was very welcoming so I was trying to say thank you for the option :slight_smile: Thanks again, though, for helping me with a suggestion on how I could enable it if I wasn’t already doing so :slight_smile:

This is totally true, and will definitely help out. I am sorry if my suggestion-comment sounded snarky. I just was thinking how I enjoy it when the “open in new tab” is already enabled. Kind of like a keyless start car. One of those, it is not necessary but it is super fun to have lol :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again for the suggestion.

Thanks! I am so happy I found this community and I look forward to adding value here with all the other like minded and friendly IT and Linux enthusiast :slight_smile: