Lost Torvalds Talk Found, Maui Shell, Krita, Darktable, OBS Studio | This Week in Linux 179

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - a great week for creative folks with Krita, Darktable, OBS and G.I.M.P. updates.

I remember Enlightenment from many years ago, possibly its origins, which I think perhaps preceded both Gnome and KDE. Also looking at the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries I see they are support very few language bindings, though of course C is supported. I’m still thinking Gtk seems the way forward when I look at portable GUI coding outside Java which is my current preference.

I’ll be interested to watch Linus from all that time ago. I graduated with my degree in Computing back in 1995 and remember being fascinated by Minix then too :slight_smile:

I’ve attempted LFS several times but got stuck in configuring networking at the final stage. When I’ve finally completed that I’d love to try either an Arch or a Gentoo approach, so Calculate Linux looks interesting too!