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I am RiderExMachina, real name David Seward.

I’ve been doing desktop support for about 10 years, but have only done it for 3 years in an official capacity. I’ve been in Linux since 2012 and have studied for the Linux+ and RHCSA. I’ve made some scripts, mostly in Python, Bash, and Golang, but learn more and more every day.

I’m currently located in the Pacific Northwest, but am willing to move if a great opportunity comes along.

I am free to answer any other questions or give a full resume here or Telegram, Wire, Discord, etc.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Ben Miller. I’m 29 and living in North East Texas. Trying to make a career change from being a pastor into a job with IT. I’m working on my Comptia A+ and about ready to take the test. I’m also getting deeper into Linux with the goal of becoming a Linux SysAdmin down the line. Any leads for entry level tech positions in the Northeast Texas region would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.



I am looking for a position that values my expertise in Linux, DevOps and Cloud. I have been using Linux since 2006, and supporting it in the enterprise since 2010. I have spent time with most major Linux distributions, including RedHat Enterprise Linux, Suse, Ubuntu, and Debian. My linux of choice for personal use is ArchLinux. I have experience in Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Databases, Python, AWS, OpenShift and Kubernetes, as well as several more minor technologies. I have experience in web development, and have written some webapps in Python, as well as static sites. I also have some experience in management, but prefer positions of technical leadership rather than strictly management.

I believe there is a balance to be struck in technology between being able to communicate with management, and having technical mastery to accomplish a goal. As such, I often fill the role of translator or ambassador to management due to my ability to break down complex topics and give management the play-by-play.

I seek a role where employees are trusted to be good stewards of IT assets, and provides the freedom for employees to setup their device with an environment that works best for them (as long as they can prove it meets minimum security guidelines).

Due to the current pandemic, I will only be available for remote work. I may consider contract positions or alternative arrangements.