Looking for ongoing tech support

Ubuntu 21.04. I’m new to Linux and on a regular basis I’m running into problems that take hours to fix, spending time on various forums and getting answers from people who assume I know WAY more than I actually do. I really don’t have the time to spend hours fixing all these issues. I just want to get my work done.

I’m going to explore the big freelance sites, but if you know of anyone or any organization that can offer online Linux tech support to a newbie, that would be great. The support would usually be a phone call combined with a remote access screen sharing session (Teamviewer, Zoom or whatever). This way I could get problems solved quickly. Thanks.

Great tip. I didn’t know they offered that. I’ll go get the details. Thx.

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Great link, that’s getting saved.

I’m curious how much the service covers things outside of what Ubuntu users commonly use though they may point you to recommended alternatives they do cover.

If you report your experience back it’d be very valuable.

I know some of the stuff you were diving into are tools suitable for Sys Admin careers and tend to be focused on that crowd even if they’re broadly popular. Apps that just get the job done are definitely out there, i’m just really light on recommendations because I didn’t get into that stuff till later.


Sure. Will do.

Not sure I follow. What tools do you mean?

I’m retired so my careers are all complete. If I had time, I’d love to learn a lot more IT as a hobby but, alas, my boss has other priorities for me. :slight_smile:

Most answers I give on the forum I didn’t know the answer too. I usually look up the issue, fix it, then tell someone how I fixed it or I give suggestions. Something like a pandoc issue I know nothing about but having the Linux basics allows me to know what to search for so I can get answers fast. Most answers are < 20 seconds away.

Some distros do a pretty good job of removing the need to know the basics but it makes stepping into anything advanced like walking off a cliff so they’re best thought of as a home base someone can learn the basics from.

Once you get them you have a passport to go anywhere you want.

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The good news for me is I have no need to learn the deeper technical areas of Linux. Only thing I’ll be doing is word processing, some simple spreadsheets, web browsing and that’s about it. The most difficult thing to get working was my various Linux data backup tools (I’m paranoid about data backup). They’re all working now so hopefully I’ll need less tech support going forward.

Many thanks to all the DLNX forum members who have provided me such great help.

I looked at the link and looks like this support is focused on Ubuntu software. Whereas my support needs usually involve non-Ubuntu apps.