Looking for Contract Linux Sys Admin

We need a contract Linux system admin who can work from home. Hours are flexible. You need to know how to build a system from scratch, trouble shoot system problems, set up and debug scripts. A real plus would be if you are interested in learning some programming too. We get all kinds of projects so you need to be able to handle some challenges. Candidate must be able to work with little or no supervision and be a self-starter. Hourly rate is commensurate with your skill level. If you are interested, please contact me. Jerry


Thank you for posting this, I linked it on the DLN, Sudo Show and Ask Noah channels. Hopefully the maximal amount of great individuals apply as this’d be the place to find them.

I’m ravenous for opportunities to learn and build new things (languages included), I love scripting, security, virtualization… even my personal computer is CentOS using Fedora VMs as my work environments. Formerly Debian Stable with Sid VMs. I’ll send you a message and if i’m not your guy i’m always here to help.

Hello Ulfnic - Would like to discuss further with you. Can you send me a copy of your resume? My email address is jerrys_it_consulting@hotmail.com. Thank you!

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