Looking for a document / photo scanner for Linux!

I need to get a good quality document scanner (and to scan some photos as well) that works like a charm in Linux?

What brands / models do people own that they feel works great for them???

I use the Canon Pixma 2522 which is an all in one printer/scanner. I’ve never used the printer part. As a scanner it’s flawless. Since I don’t use it very often, I keep it in the closet. I pull it out. Plug it in. Hit the menu with “scan” and the system finds it and tells me it’s ready.

Scans single pages. But you can config it to do a scan every x number of seconds and burn through a long document or a stack of photos pretty fast.

I see the brand new ones are like $40 bucks now. There are surely better options out there but I’ve never had a need to look beyond what this AIO can do.

Ubuntu Studio 20.04 XFCE.

We have an HP all-in-one printer/scanner. Works with Linux. Before we just had an older model.

I have heard so bad stuff about HP with their printers but not sure about their scanners. Also I have heard a lot of good stuff about Brother these days for Linux but about their printers not their scanners. I assume with an all-in-one it would still apply.

If it’s for single sheets, then the Epson Workforce ES-60W might be your thing.

Document Scanner app on Linux plugged into it via USB like a charm.
No registration stuff required (as opposed to installing it on Windows 11).