Live stream captions


Antoine knows a live stream caption and translation service?

Thanks in advance.

Keep up the good work dln. You have a fan gere.

This isn’t anything I have ever heard of or seen. Do you mean for translating the captions? Is there any specific streaming service you are trying to translate?

Well what i’m looking for is some service/software that creates the captions and translations of a live stream.

Hello pixelized and welcome to the forums,

For real time captioning, Web Captioner seems to be showing up the most in my searches.

OBS-captions-plugin uses Google Speech and is another one I’ve seen.

I have not seen anything that would translate these in real time, or even accurately. That seems to be something even YouTube is struggling with.

I hope this can set you on a fair course.

Thank you so much.
Will check those options.
I’ve found some services that do one or the other. Not both
will update if i find something.
Thank you for the responses.
Best regards