Live! Pinebook Pro Unboxing The Arm Based $199 Linux Laptop

We will be unboxed the Pinebook Pro Arm based laptop LIVE on Youtube for the community. I hope you’re as excited as I am to check out this incredible $199 Arm based laptop.

I need to do some work before I do a live unboxing again on mic and sound but otherwise it seemed to work.


That was such a fun video - besides already drooling over news of this machine, we’ve now even seen one, in far more detail than I’m used to (I’m talking about it’s innards!) :slight_smile:

Bonus: it runs my favourite OS. Looking forward to owning one of these!


As much as I’d like to buy one, there is no way to get a non US keyboard layout. Same goes with the power supply : only EU or US available. Newsflash : not every country in Europe use the same sockets. The UK doesn’t, Switzerland doesn’t either. But that’s a “minor” problem, because when can get adaptors - or use another power supply. But the keyboard, that’s a big no-no for international sells.

And no, I don’t want to plug an external keyboard to a laptop I intend to take with me on a plane.

There’s a keyboard variant with ISO layout (big enter key etc.). [1] Keys have UK layout printed on them, but you probably already have memorized your own and don’t need to look at the keys while you type.


That’s the main problem I have with “linux” laptops : I speak french and need an azerty keyboard which is rare among those manufacturers…