List of Linux channels on LBRY

I love LBRY, a decentralized replacement for YouTube. I use it on a daily basis and I’m happy that more and more Linux creators are appearing there. I will maintain a list of channels related to Linux and more broadly, open source software.

Here you will find an always-up-to-date list, with a breakdown by thematic categories and a clickable table of contents.

If you know another LBRY channel about Linux, open source or free-culture, please suggest it here or send me an e-mail. I’ll update the list.


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Another channel I occasionally watch on LBRY is @Riba-Linux bringing Linux, BSD and Open Source content. The very good news is that all the channels I regularly or occasionally watch are now all on LBRY !

I love the idea behind LBRY, but in practice it’s not as fluid as YT and videos have a habit of buffering frequently mid-video.

Hopefully it increases in usage though to allow more fluid streaming to happen!

Thanks, @Raitsa. I know this channel from YT. I didn’t know it is on LBRY.

Riba-Linux is already on a list, next to linuxscoop.

@Sar I have been using LBRY every day for several months, only via the app. I watch at home, connected to our Wi-Fi, I watch in cafes, connected to public Wi-Fi, I also watch connected to a mobile Wi-Fi router. I’ve never seen a video on LBRY stuck on the buffer in the app. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re not telling the truth, it just never happened to me. It happens however in the web version. I hardly use it at all, maybe a few times, but I saw it once.

@nowakowski: Yeah it was the web version I was getting it on this morning.

I’ve since downloaded and installed the Android app, and am currently watching DL 160 on it without issues :slight_smile:

Can you turn off these restrictions for me? I can’t update this topic.

LBRY is growing on me… after seeing this post, I gave it another shot, and it is pretty nice, but the “isms” do exist (buffering, etc). I’ll stick with it, hopefully it’ll take off a bit more

I think that’s a Discourse default restriction to prevent new users from posting link spam.

I did it differently. I just link to a list on an external blog. I’m also starting to make a thematic division.

I think eventually, each channel will be able to appear in several categories if it talks about different things. For now, everyone is assigned to one. If someone has any ideas or comments on the list, or on the thematic division, please write me about it.

I must confess I don’t fully understand the blockchain part of LBRY. That said - the more YouTube alternatives the better.

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