Liquorix on popOS

So I’m looking to migrate to a new distro. I’ve been on Ubuntu for maybe 6 years on this computer so a fresh install seems like the way to go. Its a system76 desktop that I got before the pop release so I figure why not give pop_OS a try. My concern is that I’ve seen marked improvement in gaming using the liquorix kernel over Ubuntu generic. My one experiment manually installing a kernel in pop on another PC was disastrous (damn you systemd bootloader) so I’m wondering if anybody else has gotten liquorix to work or if its even necessary with pop.

As nobody answered I can only comment that you just should try it for yourself and then you can see if there is any difference. I never saw anything special in that particular kernel. I tried it ten years ago on Debian sid and finally went back to Debian’s default kernel. There is a repo for it so it should work without problems. Scroll to the bottom (Ubuntu).

Edit: Many people already recommend Pop for gaming and another thing is that Ubuntu already uses its own kernel. I do not think that Ubuntu uses Debian’s stock kernel so it could already be more optimized.