Linux Saloon 9: AppImageLauncher

Hi everyone, sorry for creating this topic before the creators of the show did so. :wink: (Youtube has apparently decided that I am a spammer and deletes all of my comments, despite my Google account having been created almost 20 years ago when Gmail was still an invite-only beta…)

@EricAdams Thanks for the update on your recording situation and the Linux Mint success, I’m glad that’s working for you.

Thanks for the interesting option that was mentioned about OBS Ninja (now renamed to VDO Ninja), it looks like a very unique and powerful open source tool.

Regarding portable packages for Linux, I’m personally not a fan. I do find AppImages useful for testing newer versions of software, especially if I’m having trouble with the version that comes from my distro’s repos. And I also find AppImages useful for testing or occasional use of software that would normally bring along a huge mess of dependencies (like KDE software on my non-KDE workstation, or things with LaTeX dependencies or complex video/audio framework dependencies), as I prefer to run a lean system.

As for Flatpaks, I like the concept but I don’t like how they work in practice. It’s quite difficult to make them integrate with the desktop theme, especially if a non-standard theme is being used. And I find the sandboxing to be sort of a solution looking for a problem, as I wouldn’t use a piece of software if I suspected it had security issues, and I generally need to access my filesystem, so the sandbox gets in my way. Having said that, I unfortunately have had to switch two software titles (both Electron apps) that I depend on to the Flatpak version because the normal RPM packages have been completely broken on openSUSE Tumbleweed recently. Regarding @CubicleNate’s question about running multiple Flatpak versions, I don’t think it’s possible to have multiple versions installed concurrently, but as another participant mentioned it is possible to downgrade to an older version. The process is about as friendly as a coiled rattlesnake, but here are two links that worked for me to downgrade one of my two Flatpaks that was giving me trouble:

And as for Snap packages… no thank you. The initial startup time, even poorer / non-existent theme integration, and an mtab cluttered with a bunch of compressed package mounts that get in the way during startup and shutdown is a disastrous idea.

Enjoyed the episode as always, thanks to everyone!