Linux Saloon 70: South East Linux Fest 2023

Linux Saloon was LIVE from South East Linux Fest using the Ask Noah equipment for the stream. Being completely unqualified to run the thing, Noah was there to get me set up and I still yet had problems but it was truly fun to do and the microphones did pick up some of the chatter and energy from the traffic. Truly a great time and a fun show.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:56 Colin is on the openSUSE Trail
00:15:10 Adam Grubbs take on Games that don’t work on Linux
00:20:49 Open source replacement for Game Stream
00:33:05 StrawPolls, in person and remote Linux fests
00:40:03 Arkansas Conferences of Technology
00:49:11 Next Generation of Infrastructure Workers
00:51:13 Young people not building computers?
01:23:36 We Ask Noah about things
01:35:53 Next Week’s Distribution Suggestions and more
MX Linux
Rhino Linux
01:48:28 Last Call
01:53:33 Bloopers and Extras

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