Linux Saloon 65: Linux Mint 21.1

Out discussion around Linux Mint 21.1 was pretty incredible. The Linux Mint user experience, although mixed, depending on hardware, was very positive. Zeb joined the conversation bringing some experience with his Nvidia GPU experience that many of us would not have had the ability to speak with any authority.

We also had a GREAT discussion about Swift sticking with Solus through the turbulent times that distribution recently overcame along with a little sprinkling of BTRFS talk.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:20 Eric on Distrohoppers Digest and more
00:20:21 StrawPoll on Linux Mint Experience
00:25:50 Installation Process
00:29:32 Zeb’s issue with Nvidia on Linux Mint
00:43:14 Chat about Linux Matters Podcast
00:45:19 Setup Process and Defaults
01:05:11 Snaps and Linux Mint
01:31:32 Cheeky Talk about Solus with Swift
01:39:11 Linux Mint Hexchat help
01:46:19 Next Week News Flight Night
01:47:36 Closing Time
01:57:05 Bloopers

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